Leather Wineskins / Bota Bags: Why we love them

From the minute I picked up a Bota Bag for the first time in a shop while backpacking in Valencia, I was taken by this simple leather accessory, almost as ancient and beautiful in its simplicity as a fork or spoon. Back in Toronto, I was with my girlfriend at a Shakespeare show in an outdoor amphitheatre, where everyone brings picnics and sneaks in wine bottles (and plastic cups). When we pulled out a single leather bag, no cups, no glass, and shared a litre of wine, I saw a few heads turn. That made me understand, this is how wine was always meant to be carried. A year later, the Colborne Bota launched on Kickstarter and introduced a new generation outside of Europe to this beautiful bag. 

Here, we want to share some compelling reasons why Bota Bags are the undisputedly stylish and sensible way to carry wine (and many other things).

Why We Love Bota Bags

  1. Timelessly cool - Botas have been in use across a number of civilizations for thousands of years, from farmers, to bull fighters, to Ernest Hemingway's wine fuelled fishing trips and festivals, to '80s apres ski parties. 
  2. Compact with lots of capacity - Bota Bags can easily store 1L of wine (or water) in a much more soft, compact (flat packs into a pocket or bag when empty), and light way than a bottle can.  
  3. Goes everywhere - While often used in festivals, I've taken them hiking, camping, to music festivals, to the beach, skiing, and to parties. And as we said in #2 - they are easy to pack. 
  4. Tradition of sharing - Wineskins are all about sharing, the nozzle means you can drink wine from the stream, and pass the bag to a friend or stranger without your lips touching the nozzle. 
  5. History and pride in craftsmanship - Traditional Spanish Bota Bags are serious business. Boterias throughout Spain use traditional methods to create beautiful leather Botas; the best in the world. While some cheapies are made in mass factories in Asia, we partnered with a traditional Boteria in Spain for ours, who has a family history spanning over 100 years in Bota making. 


If you're sold, we would humbly invite you to experience this love yourself. Check out our Spanish made leather Bota Bags with 1L capacity on our product page here

Kelvin Ewald - Colborne