About Us


Colborne's  mission is to create design driven products at the intersection of fashion and function.

Our first product, The Colborne Bag is a design driven lunch bag that succeeds where all other lunch and cooler bags have failed; by offering superior function for storing and transporting food and drinks, while also being a stylish accessory. Fashion and Function. 


Colborne draws its name and inspiration from John G Howard, and his home, Colborne Lodge. 

A true renaissance man, John G Howard arrived in Toronto (York) in 1832 from England and transformed the city through his prowess in architecture, public administration, civil engineering, and art.

Indoor plumbing was quite out of fashion in Toronto in the 1800's for hygiene concerns. Having overcome the hygiene question through the innovative design of his cottage, Howard was one of the first in Toronto to have indoor plumbing. While the rest of the city was making frigid trips to their outhouses all winter, Howard was finding a functional and civilized solution. 

An engineer but also a painter and architect, Howard had a mastery of both the functional and aesthetic, and was not a man who was held back by convention. His approach to design, and his trailblazing character are the inspiration behind Colborne.