Caring for the Colborne Bota Bag: a Leather Spanish Wineskin

Basic Use Instructions

1) Fill with water & 2 oz. of liquor leaving overnight to neutralize flavour.

2) Rinse with water before & after each use.

3) Fill with wine. Be careful not to stain! Use a funnel & pour slowly or hold lip of bottle to Bota nozzle & pour.

4) Drink & share! Hold bag above head & allow wine to flow from the nozzle.

Rinse Before Use
  • Rinse before and after each use with water. 
  • The Bota is lined with an easy to care for latex liner that is certified BPA-Free. Like other latex-lined hydration bags, you may find a slight rubber taste during the first few uses. Before the first use, rinse the bag with water then add a mixture of water & 2 oz. of clear liquor (like vodka) and leave the bag overnight. Then rinse the next morning.

Drying the Interior

  • To avoid moisture build-up, after rinsing and emptying the bag leave the cap open to allow air in to dry the liner before re-sealing and storing.
  • If possible, you can hang the bag upside down to dry.

    Use a Funnel to Pour

    • To avoid spilling and staining the bag or your clothes we recommend using a funnel to fill the bag. Stainless steel funnels are available from Colborne.
    • If you do not have a funnel, the best method is to tilt the bottle so the mouth of the bottle is resting on the open nozzle of the Bota - on a diagonal orientation. This is much easier than pouring from a height above the Bota and aiming the wine into it (that is how stains happen)!

    Drinking from the Bota

    • The top cap of the Bota has a very small nozzle which allows a thin stream of wine to flow through. Hold the Bota above your head and allow the wine to flow in a stream as you drink. This method is used so that the Bota can be shared with friends (and it looks cool). When the bag is less full you can squeeze it. 
    • Be careful to practice this method a few times before you hold the bag too high, to avoid spills. 

    Leather & Stain Care

    • The Bota has a beautiful genuine leather exterior. However, like most soft grain leather it is prone to stains, so be careful when filling and use a funnel (miniature stainless steel funnels can be purchased from Colborne). 
    • Red leather bags may run dye (like other stained leathers or garments like jeans) when wet so avoid contact with other fabrics if wet. 
    • In the event of a stain, you should either embrace it as a character mark or 'battle scar' OR treat as quickly as possible! Dab with a cloth containing dish soap and water. Next apply steam with a steamer, iron (using the steam function), or kettle; then dab with the cloth; repeat until the stain has disappeared. 
    • Beware that stain removal techniques will likely cause abrasion to the smooth feeling of the bag. You can also apply a soft bristle brush to the leather after treating for a stain to restore some of the smooth feeling, just like you would for suede shoes. 

    Shoulder Strap

    • The shoulder strap of the Bota is beautifully simple as it has always been. You can adjust the length of the strap by untying the knot and retying at a different length. A square knot is best to do this. For an illustration see our video below! 

    Two Nozzles / Caps

    • The bag has two caps. Removing the top cap allows a thin stream of liquid for sipping. Removing the bottom cap helps if you want a bigger gulp, or when filling the bag.